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The Search for Prides is On! (and we need your help!)
Pride Radar from InterPride is a report that is created by many. We need your help as well. We know of hundreds and hundreds of prides around the world. We also know we miss out a lot of pride events. There are so many smaller pride events that are worth to be mentioned. We need your help to identify those.

No strict definition has been established for what constitutes a pride event. But in general some kind of an event lasting one of more days, with a variety of activities and in most cases a form of a parade (but not always) where the event is at least partially open for general public attendance is considered to be a pride event. Not all pride events have pride in their names.

So if you - and or your team members - can look into your region and see what pride events we already have identified and add the ones in your city, country or region we are missing out on, please use the form on the right side to make use aware of these prides. If you identify flaws, wrong naming or prides that don't exist anymore, please let us know as well. 

What is the Pride Radar?
All pride events around the world in one report. In depth analysis about the trends within the global pride movement. In 2012 InterPride launched its first Pride Radar report. This flagship report connected the pride movement with the hostility of countries they operate in.

In 2015 InterPride will publish a new report. Pride United (data-collection) and Politieke Academie (data analyses) have been asked by InterPride to create this report.

Pride Radar 2015
The new report will have more Pride events around the world than ever, and will contain more quality data with more in-depth analyses about the global Pride movement and correlations with friendliness and universal freedoms. The report will be used to further build and strengthen the global Pride movement as well as to influence politicians and key decision makers to build more local, regional and international support for Prides.

The Pride Radar report 2015 will be published worldwide. It is our goal to send the Pride Radar to:
• All pride organizers around the world.
• To human rights organisations around the world.
• To LGBTI-supportive media around the world.
• To LGBTI advocacy groups and activists around the world.
• To political key decision makers including the United Nations.


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