Meeting ILGA GLISA InterPride

For the first time in history the three global LGBTI federations ILGA, GLISA and InterPride, all having an democratic appointed board, met for the first time together. The meeting took place in july 2013 in Amsterdam.

Pride United invited the three federations for a joined meeting based on the idea that collaboration on joined objectives can improve impact on worldwide pro-LGBTI policies. During three days representatives of the three organizations talked about joined objectives and strategies to closely work together in the nearby future. A joined strategy was formed and will be discussed in the boards and brought to a next level.

The evenings were spent to connect with local LGBTI-organizations.


First joined statement ever from ILGA, GLISA and InterPride.

For the first time ever ILGA, GLISA and InterPride launched a joined statement worldwide. Being global operating federations with a membership structure almost 2.000 LGBTI-organizations are represented by this statement regarding the Olympic Wintergames in Russia. The release alone gave new energy to international organizations seeking collaboration on this dossier with a strong LGBTI-alliance.

The draft for this statement was made during lunch at the joined meeting of ILGA, Glisa and InterPride, making the impact of the found collaboration visible. Pride United advised on the statement, based on the principles of High Profile Politics.

Read the joined statement by clicking on the picture of the statement to the right.