Pride Radar Report

What is Pride Radar Report?

The first Pride Radar report from InterPride was published in 2012. In 2014 the second report was presented. In 2016 InterPride is bringing Pride Radar to a next level.

We want to present the global pride-movement and LGBTI-movement all insights related to pride events. InterPride wants to contribute to a world were prides are no longer banned, where prides play an inclusive role and build social acceptance for all.

The Pride Radar report 2016 will be published worldwide. It is our goal to send the Pride Radar to:

 •  All pride organizers around the world.

 •  To human rights organisations around the world.

 •  To LGBTI-supportive media around the world.

 •  To LGBTI advocacy groups and activists around the world.

 •  To political key decision makers including the United Nations. 

You can download the PrideRadar report 2016. 

More information about InterPride can be found on Interpride

Help us get insight into the social impact of gay prides. So we can identify which methods work. This questionnaire will only take fifteen minutes of your time.

The results will be incorporated into the Pride Radar Report. This InterPrides flagship report will connect the pride movements with each other so that they can be resilient against the hostility of countries they operate in.


Does your pride exist in our world?