Pride United

Stichting PrideUnited

Address: Valkenburgerstraat 223, 1011 Amsterdam

RSIN: 852266455.

PrideUnited is a Non-Governmental Organization run by a team of young people and is focusing on Pride events around the world. PrideUnited wants to cater the needs of Pride organizers in the best way possible and already does that in different ways amongst which by PrideRadar. Pride events are an important part of the fight of the LGBT-movement for acceptance and need sufficient attention. To date there is no NGO dealing with this part of the LGBT-movement.

Pride United is committed to contribute to a LGBTI-friendly world. It will do so by building coalitions and implementing high-profile politics in order to stimulate pro-LGBTI developments and shift anti-LGBTI forces. Primary focus is decriminalization of homosexuality and social acceptance on the base of LGBTI-rights as human rights. Pride United will operate on global level meanwhile securing local impact.

PrideUnited will partly focus on PrideRadar, an important report that combines a detailed list of Prides identified around the world with a set of statistical data on different important topics connected to Pride, for example funding, acceptance and security, amongst others. PrideUnited believes in the importance of PrideRadar as a leading source for Pride organizers around the world; which can flourish and serve a multitude of purposes.

Pride Academy is another important project. Pride Academy needs to fulfil the role of an interactive online learning tool with regularly updated workshops and lectures on different important aspects on Pride. On the basis of surveys we send to the Pride Organizers we can determine where the most pressings needs for information lay and cater these.

There is furthermore a pool of new ideas for the future of this small, knowledge-based organisation. The volunteers from different parts of the world, and different cultural backgrounds behind PrideUnited are determined to build a strong body able to advice, inspire, teach and facilitate people engaged in Pride events in every corner of the globe. Therefor we are open to new ideas and projects when of interest for Pride Organizers.


More about its distinctive position

Numerous LGBTI-organizations exist worldwide. They can be labeled in four categories:

1. Advocacy

2. Events

3. Campaign

4. Community (online)

Collaboration amongst LGBTI-organizations is, lacking moral and financial support, considered to be weak. An infrastructure to join forces is absent. High profile politics needs collaboration amongst the different disciplines. Pride United is committed to recognize the unique qualities and capabilities of individual organizations and to build coalitions amongst these organizations to join forces to push pro-LGBTI developments and combat anti-LGBTI forces worldwide.


High Profile Politics

Political scientist Ronald Holzacker researched LGBTI-strategies in several European countries. A combination of media strategies, building civil and political coalitions and visible public campaigns as a “High Profile Politics”-strategy is considered to be the most impact- and successful pro-LGBTI strategy.



Chair: Frank van Dalen 

Executive-Secretary: Wouter Neerings



The board does not receive any financial support for the tasks performed. Team members do not receive any remunaration for the tasks performed.