Roma Kenga Pride Tour 2012

Defy anti-gay laws in Sint Petersburg and Russia

The populair Russian performer Roma Kenga is standing up against the Sint Petersburg’s anti-gay laws. In the summer of 2012 the Russian Parliament might vote for the law to implement it nationwide.


GayPride tour for international pressure

Pride United together with Universal Music and Roma Kenga prepared a free for all tour along several Gay Prides in Europe in 2012. “One gaypride can easily be ignored by the media. But as a artist performing at several gayprides will lead to debate in the Russian media. Authorities don’t care about internal voices, but when it becomes international they have a reputation to loose. It has worked before, it might work again”, says Roma.


Roma Kenga stands up against anti-gay laws

Roma strongly disagrees with laws preventing gays and lesbians to speak out and to be visible.

To take a stand he decided to record a gay-ish videoclip for his upcoming song. To be upfront the parliamentary vote Roma Kenga decided to advance the release of his new song and have the release in a gayclub in Sint Petersburg.