To Russia with Love


to russia with love

The friendship between Russia and the Netherlands is celebrated this year as “Netherlands-Russia-year 2013”. We have seen many cultural, economic and social festivities.

On August 25th the “Constellation of Russia” will take place in Amsterdam. It will without any doubt bring great performances of Russian dancers, artists and video-shows. This event is organized by Rossotrudnichestvo, a Russian federal government agency within the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The objective of this concert, as was made explicit in the press release of Rossotrudnichestvo, is to present the Dutch audience the Russian culture in “all its beauty and diversity”.

The organisers of the concert, the Russian government, has repeatedly proven that it does not consider the diversity in Russian culture as an integral part of it’s beauty and diversity.

The Mayor as well as the Amsterdam City Council have repeatedly voiced their grave concern on the policy towards LGBT people of the Russian government. Amsterdam is a city that is committed to freedom of expression.

We have decided to seize this opportunity and to send our friends in Russia a message of love. Be assured that the audience of the concert of August 25th will be resplendid of all the colours of the rainbow and will send out to the world a message of the beauty and diversity.

You are not alone. The Dutch LGBT’s and their allies are with you in friendship and solidarity.



To Russia with Love from Eline Verdonk on Vimeo.