Uganda Pride 2013

For the second time in a row brave Uganda LGBTI-activists organized an Uganda Pride event. A four days pride festival with all ingredients of a modern gay pride, including culture, transgenderism, movie festival, parties and a pride march. Uganda is a hostile environment for LGBTI's, with 95% of the population rejecting homosexuality and homosexuality being under criminal code.

Pride United brought a fieldvisit to Uganda Pride 2013, based on the assumption that really understanding the needs will best serve the needs of the LGBTI pride movement in Uganda. During the visit interviews were held with local LGBTI activists, local LGBTI's, western experts in Uganda and local politicians. From the pride event a fieldvisit report is a available for those who are interested. The results are being used to bridge between collaborating partners and the local LGBTI pride movement in Uganda. This in addition to the good work already been done by others and avoiding redundancy.

The pride event gives local LGBTI's empowerment and gives visibility to homosexuality within society. What is visible can not be ignored. It is a base for the fight for equal rights and social acceptance.